Australia in the World Cup: A Spiritual Awakening

I’m sitting on the couch right now in the aftermath of Australia’s loss to Peru in the World Cup. Subsequently we are the lowest country in the group stage. A disappointing outcome. More than that though, I found watching this match depressing spiritually.

We did improve throughout the match. I did feel like others felt the same thing, so it’s not quite so crazy-making.

For me, this match held a glaring spotlight on Australia’s weakness as a people. It’s the same things that worry me most every single day. Our culture is sick and frustratingly out of sync with tradition. We’ve created some surface-level bullshit where there’s no underlying meaning to anything and there’s no goddamn intent or passion.

Seeing all the beautiful women from all over the world, with few exceptions, it seems like you’re looking at a sweet young girl who grew up into a sexually mature version of that little girl. Or an older lady who has matured into a nice grandmother. When you see Australian women on the big screen though it’s like you’re looking at something else. Some unhappy, bossy, resistant adult human. With every fibre of my being I want this strange female ego which has developed here to dissipate or be defeated.

And the male players. They seemed like weak pussies. Not physically. In terms of lacking intent. Lacking that killer instinct. Being able to win. To seize opportunities in the moment that arise like the split-second that a springbok pops up and then is quickly gone. To put on pressure and want to watch the light in the other guy’s eyes go out. That’s what this game felt like.

I crave living in a society like this. Not a nanny state which spends its whole communication budget on getting women into sports and stopping violence. There’s real issues that need to be solved. Above all, men need to become men again. It is masculinity which will solve issues like global warming and pollution of the oceans.

If you try to “step up” and behave differently then you’re met with a uncomprehending reaction. And implicit rejection. For example. Part of my dream is to be a pickup artist so I can live a life of personal freedom from a game that makes me constantly depressed and frustrated. This is an example of a man’s desire to win. In this country though that is discouraged.

Lately I have been stepping up. I have been going out solo. That is the strategy I’ve chosen. It’s the hardest strategy because of social pressure and stigma but also the surest because people are unreliable these days. I want to go out and work on my social skills and improve what I sub-communicate. Practise things like push-pull, holding court, being irreverent. Learn to be a closer. Face my fears and go for what I want.

If a man knows what he wants to do then no one should presume to stand in his way. It should be honoured. It’s that drive which brings change into the world. What gives meaning to the world. It’s what led to us becoming more than just apes in the savannah. Now the reason becomes clear. There are elements in society which are threatened by it. The feminists of yesteryear still walk among us, off scot-free. Masculinity itself is threatening to them. Even a man leading is threatening. Behaving in a way that makes men happy is threatening. How sick we’ve become.

Violence against women has been the justification for stifling and changing so much. I don’t recall ever deciding that was the supreme value though. And it truly seems to be. I honestly think that there was a generation of feminists that just got so damn triggered that no one wanted to deal with them and they got the courts on their side and now it’s taboo to put hands on a woman or act like a man at all. Womens’ approval seems to be the ultimate standard. I think if you’re in an abusive relationship then you can leave and living in a nanny state is unfair for men.

I like women. Really. I like them when they are held to account. When something is expected of them. When they are deferent and have good posture and big eyes taking everything in. Not narrow, challenging slits behind compulsive gestures and raised shoulders. To get them to be the former you have to be something that society morally rejects. Legally though you can. You can go out and approach. You can write what you really think. I’m doing that right now in spite of the risk of being socially blacklisted. In Russia it’s the other way around.

I believe that it all starts with the queen. She’s been our head-of-state for 65 years. She has said she will abdicate in 2020 and that’s what I’m holding my breath for. I hope that that year Trump will be reelected and Australia will have a new head-of-state, the pendulum will finally swing and trickle-down effects will be felt. I hope that somehow big-money will see its interest is in feminism dying.

Australian men. We need to take control. That might mean becoming a republic. Or maybe it means try having a king and see how that goes. It means being offensive. It means breaking social norms. Backing down feminists when they get angry. It means pursuing your dreams and reaching the fullest expression of self. It means pushing back against women which feminism has made to push against them in all areas of life. Find meaning outside of starting a family and buying a house. Do what makes you happy and don’t accept bitches in any form. Learn how to be the provider if necessary but also the killer who’s unfuckwithable. Pick up a bible or classic for curiosity’s sake, rejecting the stigma. Be entrepreneurs, business-owners and experts who openly value being a man. Let’s make this island nation one of greatest countries on Earth.