A Model For The Advancement Of Men

I had an epiphany today. When I was thinking about how society doesn’t seem to be responding to the needs and wants of men. It’s like mens’ collective will doesn’t have any traction in society. On the other hand feminists simply apply the generations-old tactic of using ‘reason’. It seems to work notwithstanding the fact that feminist arguments for the most part can’t even stand up in a debate. They simply plot amongst themselves, point to a few inequities and collectively use that to justify changing society to suit themselves. They have learned to believe in it, like a religion. They have succeeded greatly, on many levels.

So why doesn’t it work when men use the same tactic: when reason is actually on their side? I used to think that it was because there was a lack of awareness. Or maybe that a lot of men behaved like traitors to the male cause; because the carrot of sex, validation or approval was dangled in front of them. The big epiphany I had today though was that women simply don’t respond to reason like men do. A long time ago women worked out that by appealing to mens’ logical mind they could influence them. Women in general don’t seem to be influenced the same way which is why trying to fight fire with fire doesn’t work.

Women respond to something a bit different. That is to say, masculine power is a bit different. Women respond to masculine power. What is masculine power? I’m still uncovering this for myself but I have some good ideas:

  • Ambition
  • Passionate pursuit of something
  • Intent
  • Dominating behaviour such as taking up more space or cutting them off
  • Eye contact, tonality, body-language
  • Authoritativeness
  • Radical honesty
  • Non-neediness
  • Physicality
  • Sexuality
  • Self-amusement
  • Presence

How could anything ever be more powerful than this. However, society has taught us in some form that everything on this list is undesirable. Sexist. Oppressive. Based on misguided and outdated principles. It’s structured to make it near impossible for most men to be like this. I think feminists knew this. They understood the key to influencing women and they saw it as threatening behaviour. The sad thing is that when men are like this, they are happy. Most women are too.

So next time you find yourself in a situation where a woman doesn’t seem to be responding to reason or respecting your will, try to influence her in the language that she is programmed to be influenced by. Don’t worry about expecting her to be a certain way because you’d prefer it: feminism killed that dead (in the anglosphere). Society gave you the wrong expectations, that’s why you’re suffering bitches as I have been. By the way, locker room talk counts as self-amusement. Notice instead that they respect and respond how you like when you take the different approach of doing what influences them.

I remember once, as a teenager, I told my mother to “stop being a bitch”. I don’t remember the situation. I think I was “trying it on”. I’ve never seen her react so strongly. Her face instantly contorted in rage in such an intense way that I literally turned around to run and she kicked me on the butt. Then I was going to move out but she wept and apologised so I stayed.

As a child at a basketball camp, there were two female instructors and about a dozen children doing some activity. We were asked to all join hands I felt a bit like “ew girls” and in Bart Simpson fashion said I didn’t want to get cooties. The two instructors, in tandem, made me feel that it was utterly unacceptable to say that. That part of me was never to see the light of day. Repression in action.

These two stories show something about how men are conditioned by society and the masculine’s way of making light of things has been curtailed and retarded. To be honest and reasonable the word bitch is no worse than the word jerk. I think it’s a very good word actually because it describes something that is prevalent and a lot of people want to deride it. Bitchiness would be less prevalent if we were allowed to talk about it. The only thing that has made it bad is feminism. Likewise, “cooties” represents the attitude towards women that we naturally have as youngsters. Before we were taught to put  pussy on a pedestal. I think that it’s a healthy, playful attitude to have. (I let out a deep sigh) it was so nice not to have to take others so seriously. Words to reclaim:

  • Bitch
  • Wuss/sissy/pussy
  • Cuck

So far I have discussed things on a personal level. I think this is important because it’s key to happiness and relating with women successfully. Apparently not all men feel this though. Some, like my brother, are more disposed to the view that gender is a construct et cetera. It seems to be a matter of personal preference. Unfortunately, men like this seem  to be well-disposed to feminism and stepping into the role society has laid out for them (the chump doormat father). What I have said so far though will resonate with a lot of men as well. Once the movement grows in whatever form, and society reacts to our will, there will be a third type of man who will join us. This type is the most numerous, the most moderate, can go either way and just does what society expects them to for the most part. So, beyond the personal level this is what our success will look like.

The leader counts. The beliefs, values, preferences and attitudes of a leader filter down throughout the organisation. Even if that organisation is a nation or an empire. I’m convinced that feminism is so successful is Australia partly because we’ve had a female head of state for the past 65 years. It’s like a constant tailwind for them and a headwind for us. Trump has a good intuition about what’s good for men. He appeals to men. Polls show that men (and women) will vote for a based candidate such as him by the million. Further than Trump you have people like Putin or Erdogan. The thing is that Trump can get voted out for someone like Obama; who does things like unilaterally announce on the music awards that rappers are to respect women. It’s not about authoritarianism because autocrats can be cucks too: it’s about personality. In my view monarchy is the last resort. There needs to be checks and balances because no one wants to live under a despot.

Most men have common interests. They would prefer certain laws over others. They find the way some things are now to be perverted such as false-rape charges and anything related to the family court or men interacting with women. I believe there is a place for advocacy of men’s interests. Why not? It’s reasonable but for some reason doesn’t sit right. So that means it’s dirty but someone has to do it. Why not pay some people to campaign for mens’ interests as women have done? And the government should do it too. The thing is that women have made society as they want it to be, politically. The judicial system almost always favours women, unreasonably so. This is because there is nothing to counterbalance the institutionalisation of advocacy for women. There needs to be institutionalised advocacy for men. Don’t tell me about the patriarchy: there’s nothing in the patriarchy to effect the legal system. This is a rather ugly part of the overall strategic framework. It’s ugly from the feminist point of view as well though: that’s why you never hear about it. They are groups with acronym names that you’ve never heard of before that get funded mysteriously and quietly work against half the population. Without this type of advocacy, or some authoritarian top-down intervention, the legal system will remain unfair, even hostile to men.

Finally there is what I call culture, or brotherhood. How would this look? Well, I think it will look a bit like certain figureheads. Leaders. People we admire from the past and in the current climate. We need to protect our idols. We can no longer accept people defaming our Jeremy Clarksons and our Julien Blancs. We can no longer accept a media industry that only produces “progressive” works and shits all over what we like; as Star Wars has done. There is a well established force of people on social media who are quick to criticise whenever there is “traditional gender roles” in a movie such as in Jurassic Park. That means more Admiral Holdos and less Indiana Joneses. We need to be equally quick to criticise them and those who presume to produce things which offend us. Our idols, songs and myths are close to our heart; we must defend them. Primarily this battle is online but occasionally in the form of protests, confrontation or written letters.

A big part of this is about big companies. They respond to monetary incentives above all else. They have marketing departments who go over their message with a fine-tooth comb. Schools know what’s in their programs. It sounds complex but it’s really quite simple: if you don’t like what they’re about then don’t support them with your purchase, attendance or viewership. If television or newspaper as a whole seems overrun with feminism, then switch to a different medium. In doing so the companies and industries that we like will grow, and others will wither. Conglomerates and geopolitics respond to social forces among others so be one. When I say brotherhood, I mean enough men demanding the same thing that it comes to be. Men who are traitors should pay a price socially. Better yet, they should be conditioned when they’re young like I was chastised into respecting women. It’s not risky – just do it the way it’s been done for 4,000+ years. In time, men will learn to believe in it and intuitively act in their own best interest as women have done.

It’s hard for me to tell you to challenge feminism at work or in the board room, which is where a lot of the action is. In time the markets will change and organisations will change tone in response. Beyond the market though, there are people within the organisation, sector and economy who have certain preferences. In my experience, if they can, people do make hire/fire decisions based on ideology. So do what I do: run your own organisation or work for yourself. Climb the ladder and be an excellent manager, executive or director. Be the expert who is indispensable or sought after. If you’re like this then you are at little risk to people with conflicting world-views. If you or someone else get persecuted for being “conservative” (i.e. believing there are two genders and more men gravitate towards tech) then make them lose money for it in some form, at some time.

In summary, here is the model:

  • Personal: be a person of influence by manifesting masculine power
  • Taboos: engage in locker-room talk and intelligently rebuild the shame landscape
  • The Leader: support the right leaders
  • Advocacy: get someone to right the legal system
  • Culture: our idols and myths matter – fight for them
  • Indispensability: be the leaders, owners and experts

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