I Approached 30 Stores

In order to get paid by the government whilst I’m unemployed I need to apply for 20 jobs per month. I don’t actually want to be hired because I want to complete some online courses first. However I still need to apply. So I decided to do it all at once. I’m going to go store to store at a shopping centre and drop off my resumes.

I expect this will be an exercise in massive action and continuing on through feelings of wanting to ease off. I’ve never really done anything like this so I think it will be interesting to describe.

I’m currently sitting down. I’ve successfully dropped off 14 resumes from those willing to accept them. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit more calibrated. There’s an initial nonchalance and then you hit a bit of a wall. People frown a bit at you. Keep going though and you get some smiles. I feel physically tired and hungry. Will I be able to finish the 20?

Well I finished. I think I went to about 30 stores and 10 of them said to go online and 20 accepted the resume. I definitely felt more bold and confident by the end. It was very close to closing time. Little signs of dislike or disapproval didn’t affect me too much at the end. I was more blase in my opener as well.


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