Authentically Awaken Alpha

I’m walking. I don’t feel much like writing. It’s an odd mood I’m in. I feel like I have a dominant attitude, toward everything. I think it has something to do with my meditation this morning. Rather than loving kindness towards my mindstuff hen it drifted off, I took a dominant attitude towards it. Weird. It’s definitely a powerful attractor though, women are looking at me like they crave me. How can I harness it?

I definitely feel like the goal is to be alpha rather than dominant. Be the man. The latter is part of the former. Yesterday I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what that meant. It’s like about overcoming pressures and becoming the source of pressure. A sort of masculine, personal power. Responsibility leads to more growth and that leads to more confidence, strength, resourcefulness, and dominance and that’s how status can make you alpha.

Strangely enough I feel when I’m like this it’s like my usual voice is gone. Dominance becomes like a major theme in life which replaces so much else that used to seem meaningful.

It’s pretty obvious to me that there’s a part of human psychology that makes people who aren’t in positions of authority or social dominance unaware of that side. For example they don’t think about dominance or see that women ignore them because there’s another man leading the situation. It’s like that part of their mind lays dormant and is a blind spot.

I think I’m alpha right now and the reason I think that is because these are the thoughts and feelings I’m having. I can tell that women are attracted to it. It’s a curious thing how this side of you can just awaken. Authentically.

I think health and muscles has a lot to do with it. Height and having masculine bone structure helps but you can’t change that. What I truly think though is that some place feel inside your mind is constantly paying attention and it knows, and when certain criteria are met it awakens this alpha part of you. What’s it looking for? I think it’s looking to see if you can overcome other men.

There’s a lot that goes into that. Beliefs and society play a role. Testosterone and physical dominance. Status and authority. I think what happened for me was this lifestyle I built guaranteed me authority and the opportunity to go to nightclubs etc. Along with my decision to dress with style and train my body, I just feel like I’m a more potent force now and I’m entitled to feel this way and if other men tried to stop me then I’d be able to maintain my state and push theirs down. Overcoming insecurities and learning how to tolerate women’s bullshit helped a great deal (now I don’t sense bullshit so often anymore).

Almost every guy I see I can feel resisting it. It’s like they sense it on you and that gives them temporary permission to be bad towards you, most guys’ egos can’t tolerate being beta males to an alpha. Most guys hate it. Dominance anyway I think. There’s a reason not many guys can be like this. There’s a great deal of social pressure to be this edgeless being at the mercy of various forces. Not quite beta but certainly not alpha. I suppose the game is to awaken this part of oneself in a durable way. The $64,000 question is whether you can go back once you’ve already awakened it authentically.


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