How I Got My First Muscle-Up

Actually, the goal I’ve been working towards is a one arm pull-up. I read some instructions that said you should be able to do at least 20 regular chin-ups before you should think about attempting a one arm pull-up, so that’s what I’ve been training towards.

6-8 weeks ago I was struggling to get 10 pull-ups. So about 3-5 times per week I’ve simply been going as many as I can, trying to extend that number. It slowly crept up at first. A few times it jumped up by 2 or 3 or even 5. My personal best is now 22 for both pull-ups and chin-ups and my lats are the most jacked part of my body.

So then last week in the park, thinking pretty highly of my pulling up ability, I decided to attempt a muscle-up. I was pretty darn close. I tried again a few days later. And I got two. So now I’m considering that a more advanced movement that I’m going to start working on, quite possibly as an intermediate step towards one arm pull-ups. Now that I want to start improving my muscle-ups, I pull just a bit higher and more explosively on pull-ups.

I decided that I prefer chin-ups (supinated grip) because you get more of a bicep curl going on. And it’s the same grip as one arm pull-ups so it’s better practise for my money. Now though, considering pull-ups have the same grip as muscle-ups, I can see further value in those two. It’s like both of these variations have an evolved form.



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