The Practises Game

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘practises’. In particular, practises about game. There’s a fairly long list of things which I’ve learned about. Ranging from things to do just about all the time to very occasionally, at the right time.

One example is something I learned from Tyler. Whenever you get out of a set you should smile, think that it’s 1000/10 and think of something funny about it. I haven’t been remembering to do this for the most part.

Another is one that’s more of my own. What I’ve found is that I seem to default to looking away when people look at me. There’s some combination of looking like an ectomorph, having an active mind and being something of a tall poppy that makes people feel to look at me with greater confidence. They lock right onto me when I’m not expecting it. And so unless I consciously intend to hold their eye contact or do so by habit, then I tend to look away. As they expect. It’s not good game. Thus another practise is: hold peoples’ eye contact.

The ultimate one would be going to approach a woman precisely in the moment that you feel that you want to. This is one of the hardest things a man has to do in his life because social conditioning dictates that it’s not acceptable. And no one is doing it and no one is there to validate it. And there seems to be a constant background level of discouragement, disrespect and rejection which puts you perpetually on the back foot. Commanding you to be unsure of yourself.

There seems to be different manners of these practises. What would be ideal was if you could simply “program” them into yourself. Maybe you can somehow. I really mean it when I say though, it seems like managing to chunk in these little programs is the game.


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