Disrupt the Rhythm of Social Conditioning

Today I came to a park near where I grew up. It’s an affluent area. Away from where I live now. I’ll be moving back here soon though.

What I don’t like about this area is that literally everyone acts like they’re better than you. It’s upper middle class but it’s not exactly millionaires row. It’s more like $150,000 annual type money. Or inherited private school type property. There are many things I do like about it such as it has many high schools and the university where I grew up.

The culture in this place has a scrambling effect on game. It makes you think “I’m better than them” in response. Middle-aged guys and even women have these big egos and just stare at you, smirking, as their ego gets stroked by their perceived superiority according to certain paradigms.

It’s not good game to fall into this frame. It’s better to come from a frame of worthiness. It’s better to be the alpha. To be the cause not the effect. So then, it seems like one ‘practise’ for being alpha in such an area is holding their eye contact. Even if it goes against the culture of the suburb where affluence and domestication is king. Especially because it does.

In fact, I think going against the grain like this is an important tenet of game. I’ll refer to it as scrambling I think. Not only does it scramble the socially conditioned belief. It scrambles social conditioning itself. For a while.

Do the same thing when taller or bigger people hold your eye contact. There are some other ways but I think that’s best to talk about another time.

Every time you do this it disrupts the rhythm of social conditioning, which is basically meant to keep people under control. Control their libido and aggression. And I do believe that when you do this the little voice inside that competes with it, your voice, will get a little bit louder. And that voice wants to fuck.

Luckily the practise I have described here can be defined as a general rule: hold peoples’ eye contact. How to chunk this in? I think the walking practise is a good way. Perhaps there are other things you can chunk in at this opportunity, such as saying “nice dress” or whatever, whenever you see something you like.


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