A Yoga Routine Beginners Can Memorise

Here is a simple 5-minute yoga routine that I’ve been doing. What I like about it is that it’s short and simple enough to memorise. I believe that being able to memorise a routine is an important step in learning yoga. Once you’ve memorised it then you can focus within yourself on perfecting it rather than following instructions. It also means you can practise yoga alone and without a device.

Thes steps in this routine are:

  1. Cat cow (breathe in on cow pose, breathe out on cat pose)
  2. Stretch your sides from tabletop pose
  3. Puppy posture (stretch your shoulders)
  4. Downward facing dog (exhale as you go into this pose)
  5. Step into a forward fold
  6. Slowly unfurl your spine as you move into mountain pose
  7. Clasp your hands behind your back
  8. Hug yourself
  9. Mountain pose

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