How to Be a Pimp When You Work in Tech

So assuming that I will continue my current line of work and study, learning how to code Salesforce and be a master writer and digital marketing expert. And assuming that if I do this then it will condition my mind to be precise and logical and concise. How then do I manage to get myself back into the state where women show attraction to me and put out. In other words, how do I good game when I have this occupation tugging me in the opposite direction.

I have a few ideas. I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track and they will work but I will have to try them out, (whilst I’m working with technology so intensively) and see what works. Work and study is something that you do for hours so I think a simple ritual won’t be enough, unless it’s done everyday.

I think reading fiction will get your brainwaves back onto people and emotions and sex and intent and self-expression for the sake of it.

I think listening to music. And playing music as well. In my experience the genre of music matters. Once I listened to classical music, left the house, and then got treated like I will never get laid again. Rap music seems to be good.

I think the very best thing will be socialising itself. Doing things like Tyler talks about in Hotseat at Home. Likewise doing such exercises at home.

I post this because last night I met up with a girl that I saw last weekend. I thought it was on but she unexpectedly left when we got into the lobby. All night I had been feeling like I couldn’t get out of this very logical state of mind where I was thinking like a computer perhaps. Even though I did a little routine to get me in the right state and I was trying to feel my feelings, I just couldn’t seem to shake this residual feeling from coding and writing so much lately.

So what I will try tonight is listen to some rap music when I work out. Read Infinite Jest for 30 minutes. Then do a little routine before I go out, doing things like free association. I will be surprised if that doesn’t get me feeling emotions, talking nonsense and doing stupid stuff when I go out later. It’s almost like you’re building an alter-ego. I find this profoundly interesting and look forward to exploring this further.


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