Making Progress Studying Tech

I’ve been studying tech intensively lately. To be more precise I’ve been studying java, then apex, then process builder in Salesforce, then Salesforce trailheads. On the plus side I feel like I am learning a lot and becoming quite competitive in the marketplace. Not least because of the blog that I’m building up. It’s becoming a great monument of my skill stack.

It’s a curious thing. I’ve felt reasonably confident with process builder before. It’s not too difficult. Doing a deep dive with it though and thinking about the use cases of it has made me experience what it’s like to understand something more deeply. What it’s like is you’re able to chunk it. Rather than just being able to do a process you’re able to think in terms of business use cases and weigh up whether process would be appropriate in your stream-of-consciousness thinking.

I’m not quite so far along with code yet. Coding is a much bigger fish to fry. However, I am making inroads with coding as well. Perhaps the single biggest thing that I’ve realised is how classes work. You create classes which are like tabs in the developer environment. And there is a main class which can call other classes which contain the juicy stuff. So broadly, I am able to think of how development works in terms of building components and classes etc.

I feel like this type of work is a lot of thinking intensive than doing declarative work. Pointing and clicking seems to get you exhausted but all you’re really doing is navigating. You’re not challenging any part of yourself other than you tolerance for sitting in front of screen. Doing this type of development work has made my brain think more logically. That is a double-edged sword. On the one hand I feel like it’s made me able to think precisely. I’m less likely to get carried away with some unhelpful perceptions. On the other hand I have little doubt that thinking like this is not good for pimping.

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