Combine Journalling and Blogging into a Single Practise

I’ve been having a bit of a problem lately because I have been getting a lot of value out of just writing stream of consciousness and publishing that. It makes me feel like I put the intention out there and have nothing more to hide. A lot of the time I write about things that I dislike and or a positive vision of how I would prefer things to be. That makes me feel like for my part it helps to make the world a little bit more like that. At least for my part of the world. However there seems to be a pretty clear delineation between that and what is commonplace or good for the reader. Readers want to know broadly what the subject of the blog is about. They want headings. They want to know that they are getting some value form reading it. They do want honestly so that’s something I have going for me at least. Finally, the dreaded thing has happened: I showed someone form my meetup this blog. She was female. So I assume it will spread like wildfire.

I believe I have come up with a solution. What I will test out is the practise of writing firstly in my journal app: day one. I will do stream of consciousness writing. Its purpose is to vent and express what’s in my soul. It’s therapeutic. However, rather than simply copying and pasting that into wordpress and publishing it, I will delineate wordpress articles within this journal entry. That way I can move seamlessly between the voice that I want to write in. My most honest voice. And the voice which is adding value, adhering to a certain standard of the art form.

I will use this symbol of three dashes to break up the text on the pages: “—“. And then I can continue writing in my journal entry and say juicy things perhaps about meetup members without worrying if it will be impertinent on my blog. Or field reports and things like that. A (hopefully) seamless switch between voices.

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