Go for a Walk

I’ve just done my walk for the day. Or rather I walked for 45 minutes in one direction. Now I’m walking back. As per my practise guidelines I didn’t look at my phone until now. I wanted to do a bit of writing whilst I have the opportunity. As I said in the past I think 30 minutes is good target.

I’m growing to love this practise. Sometimes it’s a bit painful. Your body wants to stay in its cave, and not be subjected to eye contact, social pressure, sexual tension, rejection. Somewhere around 20 minutes though, you ease into it. It ceases to be painful. I should note that I live in the city.

I like to think there’s two types of people. I want to say type a and type b but that’s already taken. Perhaps type c and type t people. Calm and turbulent. I don’t know what the distribution is and there’s probably a middle ground. Anyway I feel like levels is designed for type t people.

Type t people, like myself, tend to be night owls. We tend to be a bit original. A bit unreliable. We flourish in times of uncertainty and when we can discipline ourselves. Out mental health is not so great. I want to say that there’s a lot of us addicted to internet and masturbation.

It is these people in particular whose gifts into the world can be great, if they can overcome their demons. Hence the necessity of focusing on the basics. Going for a walk. Meditating. Doing housework. Exercising. Sleeping right. In my opinion, if they can control the mundane elements, then the energy and right inspiration naturally follows. They can gain a modicum of control, plant their feet firmly in the ground and their head goes to the right place. Where their head goes and who they are in turbulent times is their gift to the world.

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