I don’t have much time to write this but I have a notion of where I want to go with this blog. A new direction. I want it to be more marketable. That could mean sacraficing a bit of the quality that allows me to express myself unfiltered, and therefore hopefully change the world a little bit as I would like by intention. On the other hand though I wonder if I could simply have a section for opinion.

Now that I have created a fairly good meditation practise and found a format for learning yoga that really appeals to me. Now that I’m able to do basic calisthenics moves. And beat people at BJJ and know what I’m doing. It seems like there is something that I can market myself as. As a journey for learning these things.

Now that I am shaping up to run the social group as I always wanted, and be at the centre of things. Social circle mastery. Since I kissed the girl in the pub. Since I have been consistently reaching hook points. I believe that I can write about success with women.

And there is things like NLP. Hypnosis. Cognitive restructuring. Emotional releases. That seems like it’s in a category of its own.

I have mentioned that my other website/blog, my more technical one, is coming to fruition. I feel that it’s different enough to this to merit readers not even knowing about the other. Well that has a potential financial side to it, obviously. What about yoga, meditation, success with women? Do these lead to a potential source of income or livelihood? I think potentially yes, as a life coach.

The thing about this is that the product is me. It’s about reaching a place of freedom and abundance and mastery, and then whoever reads what I write from that place will feel it a little bit too. They’ll be inspired. If I learn NLP and things like that then I can offer coaching but I feel like a lot of it is where it comes from. The reality it comes from. The contact. The tribe.

And the levels game. I was on track to get to level 1 today then I slept until midday. Why do I sleep 9-10 hours a night lately. I can still reach level 1 this week if I go to bed early tonight and tomorrow night.

I think something that I can do is offer mp3 recordings. Meditations for the practices I recommend in coaching. I’m going to rejig this website.

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