John Danaher: 4 Tenets of BJJ and his Philosophy of Leg Locks

In traditional BJJ there are four tenets or steps:

  1. Get it to the ground. This is in order to minimize the explosive force the opponent can generate.
  2. Get past their legs. They are dangerous.
  3. Work your way through a hierarchy of pins, where pins are graded in value according to your ability to strike with effect on the ground.
  4. Attack with a submission.

“Beautiful, elegant and deadly effective”.

Traditionally leg locks only fitted in when the system doesn’t work. They were seen as a signal of failure.

John would use leg locks only for inferior positions?

Traditional BJJ has only 1 direction: legs -> head.

Modern BJJ has leg locks and now there are two directions: legs -> head  & head -> legs.

You can play off peoples’ reactions to your changing direction to get submissions more easily than traditional BJJ.

Control is what determines the percentage of a finisher. The higher the control the higher the percentage of the hold.

Ashi garami is a way of controlling the legs. However, this is not a part of the positional hierarchy. So ashi garami is the basis for John’s leg lock system?

*From Joe Rogan podcast

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