Irreverent Nonsense Pickup

Something I’ve always found particularly difficult is speaking to women in a random or meaningless sort of way. I’m in the habit of thinking everything has to make sense. Yet, recently I approached a girl in the city attempting to do this and ended up taking her home.

I was walking around Melbourne CBD talking to people nonsensically. I saw a girl sitting at a tram stop whose lack of pretense I found approachable. So I went up to her and just started saying random words and phrases. At the very least she was intrigued by it.

I think she projected that I was a crazy person that needed her help in life. She was that person you see kneeling by homeless people and talking to them rather than dropping coins and being on their way.

Asking for her number seemed like not a stretch at all after such a bold opening.

She messaged me in the next few days. We met up. I took her to the park and we ended up kissing, to her surprised annoyance. I took her back to my house to listen to me play piano to her continued resistance. I was too self-conscious about it actually being a keyboard and me being a beginner, so we ended up just hooking up.

I think she was expecting to help a crazy person. She did do that in a sense. Just not how she was expecting to and to someone not actually as crazy as she thought. Although it was just a once off, we are still in touch to this day and on fairly good terms.

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